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5 Low Cost Home Improvements To Make Before Selling Your Home



Watching home improvement television may lead one to believe that in order to sell your home you need to do a major make over. While doing a large scale remodeling project can increase your homes value, the payback is often not guaranteed, plus your remodeling efforts may not be to a potential buyers taste.


For most homes, low cost improvements can make a world of difference in how potential buyers see you home. Here are 5 low cost home improvements that you should consider before listing your home.


  1. Improve your curb appeal.

Great landscaping will make an impressive first impression. Based on a survey done by the National Association of Realtors, 71% of home buyers consider curb appeal when shopping for a home. Things to consider are:

  • adding annuals or seasonal flowers
  • Remove weeds and fertilizer lawn to green it up
  • Edge and mulch the lawn

Much of this can be one yourself but even hiring a landscaper for a couple hundred dollars to help improve your yard


2. Paint and Clean walls

Freshly painted rooms just look nicer! Plus some houses need to be toned down on their color schemes. Your daughters pink bedroom may be her favorite, but a family with all boys are going to be turned off. Choose your colors wisely, and make sure it is done well. A nice paint job can be one of the best investments for a seller. If your house doesn’t need new paint. Make sure all the walls are clean, check especially around door handles and entry ways.


3. Improve and Upgrade Your Lighting

Dull recessed lights over your kitchen island? Consider modernizing with new drop down lights. Upgrading your fixtures, adding under cabinet lighting, lamps etc. will brighten your home and are relatively inexpensive upgrades that will show off you home more favorably.


4. Kitchen Facelift

Kitchens are often considered the most important part of the home, and can be the most expensive to upgrade. Sometimes just low cost cosmetic upgrades can improve the salability of your house. Consider a fresh coat of paint with a new color. Replace old appliances, consider a new backsplash, update the hardware on your cabinets and drawers


5. Renew Floor Finishes And Replace Old Carpets

Stop at your local flooring stores and see what products might be available to renew your floor type. Sometimes for a couple hundred dollars you can renew the shine to your old floor. Carpets should be professionally cleaned if needed, and consider replacing them if they are worn, old and stained. 


All of these low cost improvements have the potential to immediately change buyers perception of your home. If you like DIY projects you can do them yourself but even if you hire them done they will not break the bank.


If you need additional advise or information on how to improve the salability of your home, contact a real estate professional for advise. They will be glad to share their expert knowledge and experience.